Bryan Moser

Bryan Moser

Bryan Moser é professor no MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology e da Universidade de Tokyo. É CEO da GDP – Global Project Design, empresa proprietária da plataforma TeamPort™.

É formado em Computer Science & Engineering pelo MIT-USA, possui mestrado em Technology & Policy pelo MIT-USA, e doutorado em Sciences pela Universidade de Tóquio-Japão.

Recebeu algumas premiações, entre elas: Hugh Hampton Young Fellowship; Kayamori Best Automation Paper Award IEEE; Alumni Award For Excellence In Technology And Policy M.I.T.; Karl Taylor Compton Award M.I.T.  (

Bryan Moser founded Global Project Design in 1999 to transform performance by teams struggling with complex initiatives and systems.

Prior to GPD, for a decade with United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Bryan established strategy, plans, and operations for UTC’s strategic collaboration across Asia with industrial partners, universities, and national R&D programs. Bryan was also a researcher at the University of Tokyo (Department of Precision Machinery Engineering). He formed a team focused on theory, method, and tools for the coordination of complex, global projects. In the late 1980’s Bryan was one of the first foreign engineers at Nissan Motor Corporation in Japan. At Nissan he applied artificial intelligence to computer-aided design, multi-objective optimization, and robotic control problems.

Bryan is currently a Lecturer in System and Project Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He earned a doctorate in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo, where he now leads multi-disciplinary research on complex socio-technical systems. He supports the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) program at the University of Denver as an adjunct faculty member. Earlier, he earned degrees from MIT in Computer Science and Engineering (bachelors) and Technology & Policy (masters). At MIT he received the Karl Taylor Compton Award, Hugh Hampton Young Fellowship and Alumni Award for Excellence in Technology and Policy.

GPD’s Project Design methods and tools have been demonstrated in aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, construction, telecom, financial, clinical studies, software, I.T., and global services.


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