ProjectOps for continuous deliveries

ProjectOps - Managing Agile Initiatives

ProjectOps for continuous deliveries

Project and Operation management cycles integrated under the same development platform – Hybrid organizational structure for teamwork.

Shorten operation and projects cycles allows to provide continuous delivery for the business value stream.

ProjectOps is a mindset for managing agile initiatives focus on value streams continuous improvement.

The integration of the Agile approaches and Project Management through ProjectOps hybrid structure and Initiative Management to lead value stream creation, improvement, or innovation.

Embracing agile methods, scaled agile, large-scaled frameworks, and traditional projects structures for value stream management.

Yes, Project and Operation shortening cycles for continuous deliveries

ProjectOps. Establishing cadence via PI planning and backlog prioritization.
Fund investments in teams allocated in the operation to implement improvements in the corporate business value stream is a smart decision. Initiatives are grouped into programs to maintain strategic alignment. That is permanent teams (co-locate), not necessarily projects (temporary teams). Demobilizing the program after releases have their benefits validated via customer validation. An approach that replaces projects for specific purposes only that require more accentuated “discovery” stages, finding paths and validating them, and then incorporating them into programs – Zózimo

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