Initiative Management: how to focus on value streams improvements

ProjectOps - Managing Agile Initiatives

Initiative Management: how to focus on value streams improvements

Under operation (BAU – Business as Usual) a ProjectOps team shall be starting an initiative.

How to:

  • Identify opportunities for value-stream improvement. Under customer validation cycle.
  • Start an initiative to implement it. And change from Project to Product management perspective.
  • Allocate funds to enable its business capability by features development.

Developing Digital Services is different from traditional services or products.

The value stream under digital services requires initiative management to organize around the value. Establishing backlog dependencies map and cadence’s PI planning over the perspective of user-centered mindset.

Most digital services architecture solutions apply API first approach. And managing initiatives is a useful approach for microservices chain integration.

On the bottom line, a ProjectOps work environment is required to establish a continuous delivery platform,

ProjectOps means shortening the lifecycle between Project and Operation features’ release.

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