Design You: Low-code project



We support you in reframing yourself by applying DiA – Design In Action approach.

We support you to identify paths to best suit your own business journey or professional development reskilling.

We use the Mendix low-code platform that is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a citizen development initiative.

Simplified development environment

IDEs for all developers. Studio for citizen developers and Studio Pro for professional developers.

Re-usable components

Leverage work of professional developers into reusable, drag -and-drop modules.


Use built-in tools to collaborate with professional developers on complex features or integrations.

Powerful foundations

Seamlessly sync Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro to unleash the full power of the Mendix Platform.


Maintain control and prevent ungoverned adoption of the low-code tool with the platform’s in-built guardrails.

Accelerate time to value

Get results quickly and reduce the risk that critical apps aren’t being built.

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Designing YOU

Business development or Professional reskilling

to the digital world by reframing yourself to a new mindset.

Upskilling you in 03 sessions collaboration meetings. Schedule an overview with us about this program here: info@designinnovation,management

Citizen development is business users with little to no coding experience building applications with IT-approved technology. Business users building their own solutions is not new, people have been building solutions using spreadsheets and database tools for years, just without the approval or knowledge of IT.

The concept of end-users creating their own solutions might not be new, but organizations understanding the potential impact of empowering citizen developers with more powerful tools is. Organizations are noticing the value of citizen development. According to a recent Gartner report (, 61% of organizations either have or plan to have active citizen development initiatives.


Citizen Development –  the Right Way
A key component to ensure the success of citizen development is picking the right technology. IT needs to think through the needs of their organization and partner with the business to pick the technology and define the processes that will enable more people to build software the right way.



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